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NSL Donation’s

The Crew

Project X


~Head Admin~

Kage Requirements
(Requirements: 1+10 stats,1.5+13 Hp/Chakra)


(Hokage) Hokage
(Sand) Kazekage
(Cloud) Raikage
(Mist) Mizukage
(Rock) Tsuchikage
(Rain) Amekage
(Grass) Kusakage
(Dark) Yamikage
(Sun) Taiyoukage
(Moon) Tsukikage
(Thunder) Ikazuchikage
(Star) Hoshikage
(Snow) Yukikage

Leader Requirements
(Requirements: 2+10 stats, 2+13 Hp/Chakra)

Akatsuki Leader
Sound 5
Root Leader
Blood Leader
7SM Leader
Police Force Leader
12 Guardian Ninja Leader
Assassins Leader
Taka Leader
Organization XIII Leader

June 2019

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 They call me Finny

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They call me Finny Empty
PostSubject: They call me Finny   They call me Finny EmptyThu Jan 22, 2015 2:32 pm

It's yo boy Finny in the club like what up I got big ego :]

I like music, mostly hip hop and rock/metal. But pretty much anything goes.

Some of my favorite hip hop artists are Jay Z, DMX, Nas, The Game, Hopsin and Eminem.
And some of my favorite rock/metal bands are Disturbed, Skillet, zebrahead, Evans Blue, Avenged Sevenfold and Papa Roach

I also like anime. Some of my favorites are:
- Akame ga Kill
- Eyeshield 21
- Major (All seasons)
- Fairy Tail
- Beelzebub
- Gintama
- Hajime no Ipo

I enjoy writing stories. I'd show you some but the ones I make feature my friends from another site pornhub so you'd probably wouldn't think of them as great as they do. But if I get to know you well enough then who knows, maybe I'll write a story of/for you too :]

Also one last thing

:] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :]
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They call me Finny
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