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 A couple of small bugs

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PostSubject: A couple of small bugs   Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:26 pm

Hey there, just gonna post a couple of small bugs i've noticed here.

1. Screen size resets to 5 everytime you relog, would be nice if it stayed at the option you had before you relogged.
2 .Unleash demon can only be used once per login as far as i know, or it has a ridiculously long cooldown which i don't know of, but relogging fixes the issue and lets you use it again right away.
3. If you use multiple boosts but unboost with one of them your stats will actually reset completely to your base stats, but the icon still remains like it looks you're boosted.
4. If you have madara's mangekyou and you get eternal mangekyou sharingan before you've fought izuna to upgrade your susano'o you are unable to do so, because madara (npc) will tell you to get madara's mangekyou sharingan first.
5. For eternal mangekyou sharingan there's a small spelling error, in game it says: Eternal Manegekyou Sharingan instead of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

I don't know which of these bugs are already known and which aren't, so i apologize in advance if i cover any bugs that have been reported outside of the forum.
That's all i have for now, if i encounter anymore i'll update this post.
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A couple of small bugs
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