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Kage Requirements
(Requirements: 1+10 stats,1.5+13 Hp/Chakra)


(Hokage) Hokage
(Sand) Kazekage
(Cloud) Raikage
(Mist) Mizukage
(Rock) Tsuchikage
(Rain) Amekage
(Grass) Kusakage
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(Requirements: 2+10 stats, 2+13 Hp/Chakra)

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Sound 5
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Assassins Leader
Taka Leader
Organization XIII Leader

January 2019

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 Senju Clan (Hashirama)

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PostSubject: Senju Clan (Hashirama)   Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:19 pm

What a silly clan :]


Mokuton Senpou

Sage Mode, boosts Tai, Nin and Gen.

1000 Hand Buddha

Boosts Nin, Tai and Gen.
Bumping into things while 1000 Hand Buddha is on will cause them to take Nin damage.


Mokuton Hijutsu Jukai Koutan
Wood Spike
Senpou Myojinmon

3x3 AoEs except in Senpou Myojinmon, you teleport to the other side of the AoE which summons in front of you. They deal Nin damage.

Mokuton Moku Shouheki no Jutsu
Wood barrier
Wood barrier Technique


Mokuton Heki

Shoots a 5 tile heki dealing Nin damage.

Mokuton Mokuryuu no Jutsu

Shoots a 1 tile projectile to every main direction dealing Nin damage.

Mokuton Kyuu

Stuns target.

Mokuton Sousou
Removes Mokuton Kyuu.

Mokuton Bunshin no Jutsu

Summons a clone that's more sturdy than normal clones, but you can't move it. Works perfectly as a bait.

Wood Tangle

Stuns target.

Mokuton: Kajukai Korin
"You force trees to grow on any surface"
Currently does nothing tho.

Mokuton no Jutsu

1 tile homing. Deals Nin damage.

Mokuton Shiten Shuriken no Jutsu
Shoots a 1 tile invisible shuriken dealing Nin damage.

Clan NPC (Hashirama) is located in Leaf.
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PostSubject: Re: Senju Clan (Hashirama)   Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:52 am

I think the budda damage should be mixxed with nin/tai. Since it's sage mode + phystical.

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Senju Clan (Hashirama)
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