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 Akatsuki Clan Revamps(Excluding uchihas they gonna go under 1)

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PostSubject: Akatsuki Clan Revamps(Excluding uchihas they gonna go under 1)   Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:06 am


Shikigami Form: Boost user

Paper Chakram: (Homing) User uses paper to form 3 Chakram which then homes in on random enemies (cd of 10 sec)(.5* Nin)

Kami no Shisha : (Aoe would suggest since it so powerful it hit all over screen but even if it don't il'll explain it) The Aoe damages enemy when used and some paper bombs are mixed in aoe so when enemy trys to exit and steps on one like a mine it explodes damaging enemy.(cd of 30sec)(1.5* nin)

Paper Bird: Needs a 3sec cd

Kami Shuriken: Throw 5 shuriken papers like a heki one will be a paper bomb if the one that is a paper bomb hits enemy on top of shuriken damage they also get hit by an extra explosion damage(cd of 6sec)(.5* Nin)


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PostSubject: Re: Akatsuki Clan Revamps(Excluding uchihas they gonna go under 1)   Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:58 pm



True Form: We all know right? Sasori with that little puppet form and you know being a fag well its a boost.(cd of 20secs)

Kazekage Puppet Summon: Summon the third Kazekage  puppet to fight along side you it has 1/2 of your stats and all of your hp Can't be used with 100 puppet summon and vice versa sucks away 2% of your chakra every 10 secs and the puppet stays out for 1min  (cd of 20secs)

Iron Sand Drizzle: (mini aoe so prob  about 3 by 3)(Also kazekage puppet needs to be summoned to use this) When user uses this jutsu wherever kazekage puppet is an aoe of iron sand is summoned and damages anyone in its range (cd of 15secs)(.5* Nin)

Iron Sand Gathering: Cube (Kazekage puppet needed) Puppet shoots out a high density cube of iron sand damaging anyone it hits the cube covers 3 tiles (cd of 10 secs)(1* Nin)

Iron Sand Gathering: Pyramid: (Kazekage puppet needed) Puppet shouts out a high density pyramid of iron sand damaging anyone it hits covers 3 tiles(cd of 10 secs)(1* Nin)

Iron Sand World(Kazekage puppet needed)(Aoe 4 by 4) Puppet summons spikes from ground and damages whoever is in its range (cd of 15sec)(.6* Nin)

Needle Waves: Similar to a heki shoots out needles 4 tiles across and damages anyone it hits 3times 5% chance to poison enemies poison lasts 10sec and takes 3% hp every 2sec(cd of 10sec)(.5* Wep)

Chakra Thread Human Control: (This can be done one of 2 ways) 1st. This way would require the addition of corpse so that the puppet master can collect corpse of human bodies and use them in battle with this jutsu making the human fight with them(corpse would have stats of the opponent had when they died) and the corpse would last 1.5mins then disappear 2nd. Just make it so that you have to be within 1 tile proximity and if you use this jutsu you take control of the persons character and can control them for 1.5min using the W, A, S, D keys for movement and you get an extra tab *Insert enemy name**Ex. Jake* then in that tab will be a list of the controlled users jutsu and you can control them and use their jutsu till  time is up. This jutsu would suck up 5% chakra every 5secs (cd of 1min)

Retract Threads: Stops control of enemy

Akahigi: Hyakki no Soen: User summons 21 puppets (same amount summoned now) and use them to aid him in battle (cannot be used with kazekage puppet summon vice versa) this skills sucks up 5% chakra every 10secs and the puppets last 1.5mins they have 1/4 user stats and 1/2 their hp (cd of 40sec)

Senju Sobu: (only Useable with kazekage puppet) (Aoe 4 by 4) Pops out puppet arms from underground damaging anyone in its range (15sec cd)(.5* Tai)

Water Blast: We have it but lets change it a bit instead of a projectile lets make it like a stream which covers 3 tiles and pushes back anyone it hits (10 sec cd)(.5* Nin)

Fire Blast: Same thing as water blast (cd of 10 sec too)(.5* Nin)

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PostSubject: Re: Akatsuki Clan Revamps(Excluding uchihas they gonna go under 1)   Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:44 pm



All of this clans skills have a chance to draw blood

Jashin's Blessing: Jashin the great god of immortality who smiles upon all his worshippers well this passive allows for the user that when they hit 0 hp to have a 30% chance to avoid death and restore all hp back to full awesome isn't it lol

Jashin's Prayer: User regains 10% hp back every 1min thanks to jashin

Gods Will: A boost well you know whatever Make an aura appear around his scythe whatever you want ehh(1.2* Tai and Wep)

Scythe Grab: User throws scythe into the tile in front of them and it stretches out into 6 tiles damaging anyone it hits then pulling them back into user those pulled back are stunned for 5 secs (10sec cd)(.5* Wep)

Scythe Strike: User slashes twice in the 3 tiles in front of them dealing damage twice to anyone in them(cd of 5secs)(.6* Wep)

Scythe Spike: User hits spike on the ground creating a mini 2 by 2 area aoe that damages anyone within range (cd of 10secs)(1* Tai)

Scythe Combo: (Need to be within 1 tile proximity) User slashes opponent 3 times for damage (cd of 10secs)(.5* Tai)

Jujutsu: Shiji Hyoketsu: (must have gotten blood from an enemy to use) User creates a circle of blood and while they are inside this circle of blood them and the enemies hp is linked. User can use the stab verb to hit a rand spot on their body if they get a heart hit them and the opponent take 50% damage of users hp. If the user is attacked while in circle by anyone the damage done to the enemy they are linked to. If they step out or are thrown out of circle the link is broken and jutsu cancelled ( circle lasts 15 secs so spam that stab as hard as you can for a heart hit also there's a 3% chance to hit heart) (cd of 40secs)(hopefully you aren't killed cause of that jashin passive lol)

Stab:(Used during Shiji  Hyoketsu) Used to stab a random part of the body(.5* Tai)
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PostSubject: Re: Akatsuki Clan Revamps(Excluding uchihas they gonna go under 1)   

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Akatsuki Clan Revamps(Excluding uchihas they gonna go under 1)
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