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 Cloud Clan Revamps(Don't worry won't do this for leaf they got to many clans)

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PostSubject: Cloud Clan Revamps(Don't worry won't do this for leaf they got to many clans)   Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:11 am

Guess i'll copy finny from now on now lets do Darui


Black Storm Aura:A black Aura of lightning appears around user's body boosting them. (cd of 15 secs after being deactivated)

Black Lightning Gauntlets: Black lightning surrounds users arms like a gauntlet boosting their stats a bit (not to op now don't need any sub boost being to op to op) anyway this skill allows the person to use most of their black lightning skills (cd of 15 secs)

Double Black Panther:(This is meant to be a homing but I don't really like homing so lets make it like this) User summons 2 Black panthers with 1/4 their stats and 1/2 their health to attack enemies they have a draw back as they suck 10% your chakra every 10secs so you should kill them off with the kill summoning jutsu quick either that or to save the user his precious time and chakra make them disappear after 1min cannot be used while Black panther is active and vice versa (cd of 20sec) (Black Lightning Gauntlets needed)

Black Panther: (Black Lightning Gauntlets needed) Similar to Double Black Panther except instead of sucking 10% of your chakra it sucks only 5% every 10sec and well you know can't be used while your using black panther and summoned with 1/2 your stats and all of your hp yea either make it so it never disappears after being summoned until killed by user with verb or another player but I highly recommend disappear after 1min (cd of 15 secs)

Raiton: Kangekiha: User shoots out a wave of water that covers about a 3 tile radius then shoots downward and if it hits an enemy it damages them but, there's a surprise because the water has some lightning mixed in there's a 2/10 chance of being stunned for 5secs (cd of 10sec)

Ranton: Reiza Sakasu : (ugh the dreaded homing) Halo of bright energy form in front of user releasing lasers which can be controlled by user so they can hit an enemy up to 3 times with the lasers ( Or since I don't like homings we can make it that when the halo forms in front of user from the halo an aoe pops up covering about a distance 4 by 4 tiles ) (cd of 10secs)

Suiton: Suijinheki: A defensive barrier wall of water pops up in front of user that blocks all attacks coming from the front (lasts 10secs cd of 8secs)
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Cloud Clan Revamps(Don't worry won't do this for leaf they got to many clans)
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