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 Sand Clan Revamps

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Sand Clan Revamps Empty
PostSubject: Sand Clan Revamps   Sand Clan Revamps EmptySat Jan 31, 2015 5:51 pm

Ok Desu Lets start with Kankuro Yayyyyyyyyyy



Puppeteer's Will: Boost well you know ehh we all love em we all need em so whatever (cd of 20sec) 1.2*Nin

Summon Kuroari: Summons a stationary puppet who although cannot attacks can be very useful in combination attacks with other puppets lasts 1.5min and absorbs no chakra (can be summoned with other puppets)(such a handy puppet lol)(cd of 20sec)

Kuro Trap: (Can only be used when kuroari is summoned and is a homing) Kuroari captures the enemy its master wants it to capture and keeps them stunned for 10secs before letting them go (cd of 15sec)

Summon Karasu: This skill allows user to summon karasu an attack puppet complete different from kuroari this puppet has 1/2 his users stats and all of their hp and fights alongside its master for 1.5 min while he is summoned he sucks 5% of your chakara every 10 sec(cd of 30)

Kurohigi Kiki Ippatsu: (Can only be used when Karasu and Kuroari are summoned and an opponent must be caught in Kuro Trap) While opponent is trapped in kuroari karasu splits into different parts stabbing the opponent inside damaging them 3 times  (cd of 15 secs) .5*Nin

Chakra Thread : Already explained this jutsu with sasori clan and you know its a bother to explain agin so yea :?) (and I explained how they canel th jutsu to so I don't gotta explain that to lol I'm such a great guy)

Mechanical Light Shield block: (Must have at least 1 puppet summoned) Puppet starts attacking and omits a shield in front of it the shield lasts 15secs (yea yea ik you gotta run behind shield but that's your own problem just make puppet return to you before you use it nub)(cd of 10secs)

Poison Mist Hell 100 Continuous Firing: (Aoe 4 by 4 requires karasu or kuroari to be summoned) When user uses this jutsu it allows the puppet smack down some pain with a senbon aoe not only that but there's a 15% chance to poison enemy when this skill is used the poison lasts 15sec and depletes 5% hp every 3sec that's gonna hurt (cd of 30sec) .5*Nin

Summon Sasori: Ohh boy that fag sasori is back again to bother us AGAIN. Ok so the current sasori summon is A ok. It should last 1.5 min and absorb 10% chakra every 10secs(cd of 30secs)(Lovely how he uses jutsus too I love it)

Akahigi Kiki Sankaku: Sasori puppet throws blades from (Up Down Right Left Upper right Upper left Bottom left Bottom Right) The blades fly out and after 1.5 secs they explode dealing explosive damage to anyone that was in the explosions radius (explosion is an aoe I guess 3 by 3) (cd of 15sec)1.2*Nin

Place Salamander: That's cool too Just needs to be a limit on number of traps placed (about 3 traps at a time user can also destroy all traps with a salamander destruction verb? I guess) (cd of 5secs after a trap is placed)
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Sand Clan Revamps
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