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 Naruto Family Branch Revamps (Yea yea includes hinata and neji and hiashi gg)

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PostSubject: Naruto Family Branch Revamps (Yea yea includes hinata and neji and hiashi gg)   Sat Jan 31, 2015 8:47 pm

Uzumaki Naruto


Chakra Vault: (Finally after so long the passive returns again) We all know what outrageous chakra these beastly uzumakis have so basically this passive allows them to restore 10% of their chakra every 40secs (you'll surely need this when fighting a hyuuga or jirobo lol)

Kawazu Kumite: Passive gained while in sage mode increases your melee range and your speed by a bit

Sense: Thanks to sage mode user gains tab allowing them keep an eye on everyone in their field of sensing

Undying Will: Ahh don't we all love that bastard naruto's will to never give up until jiraiya died that is lolol anyway its a boost we all know hat it does (cd of 20secs) .5*Tai

Frog Sage Mode: Ofc I have my own suggestions on this like you should make it so Naruto only gives you a chance to learn it and if you do yay if you don't well go cry to your mommy its a boost (cd of 15secs)1.5*(Nin and Tai)

Rasengan: The move that always come in handy when you want to fuck pein up so great and beautiful (cd of 5secs) .5*Nin

Odama Rasengan: I have to say it? ugh fine a bigger BALL are u happy I said it danmmit (cd of 8secs)1*Nin

Rasenshuriken: ehh (cd of 12secs)1.5*Nin

Rasenshuriken: Mastered: Eh lets try it make it so they can throw rasenshuriken and after like 2secs its thrown it expands to cover like a 3 by 3 or it can be that big right when he throws I and hits everyone  but I like my idea of it expanding gg (cd of 15secs)1.8*Nin

Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu : User summons 7 clones with 1/2 their stats and 1/2 their hp to fight with them saps 15% chakra every 10sec lasts 1min (cd of 25sec cannot be used with other clone jutsus)( You should make clones use rasengan)

Frog Summon: Summon a Frog to fight with you has 1/2 you stats and all of your hp saps 5% chakra every 10sec lasts 1min (cd of 20sec)

Toad Oil Flame Bullet(Need to have you little amphibian buddy summoned to do this and you must be riding him) Combination jutsu while you ride your toad you create an aoe in front of you about 3by 3 that damage anything in front of you. 1*Nin

Senjutsu: Rasenrengan : 2 balls (lol) (cd of 8secs)1*Nin

Choodama Ransengan: Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy the damage this jutsu will pack quite a wallop when it hits lol (Cd of 15secs)1.5*Nin

Rasen Cho Tarengan: User summons 10 clones each with a rasengan and they attack enemy hitting them with rasengan multiple times clones lasts 8secs so it'll be a ffa for those clones to see who can get that rasengan in (cd of 20sec)(can't be used when you have other clone jutsus active)

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Naruto Family Branch Revamps (Yea yea includes hinata and neji and hiashi gg)
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