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 Mist Clan Revamps

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PostSubject: Mist Clan Revamps   Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:17 pm

Ahh Haku the trap of Naruto time to get this done with


Frost Bite: Well isn't this sexy a passive that makes it so all of this clan's ice skills has a 1% chance to stun you for 5secs and 5% chance to slow you for 10 secs

Silent Killer: Gives user a 5% chance to teleport behind enemy to dodge skills and when they teleport behind enemy they damage them hence silent killer

Blizzard Gauntlets: An aura of ice appears around users hands boosting them, this skill is also needed to activate ice skills. 1.5*(Nin boost)

Hissatsu: Hyoso: (ice skill so ofc you need them gauntlets active right buddy) Giant spikes summoned in front of user covering about a 4 by 4 area and damaging anyone within them and that passive might take effect  (cd of 15secs)1*Nin

Makyo: Hyosho: (ice skill :/ you know) Anyway user creates ice mirrors that trap anyone inside and keeps them from leaving the mirrors can last up to 1 min if not cancelled out by user but they sap 5% chakra every 10secs (cd of 20secs)(user can only be hurt by melee attacks when in the mirrors if the right one is hit)

Hyoton: Hyogan Domu: (an ice skill do I have to go through this lol) User creates a round dome covering about 1/4 of their screen pro about 3 by 3 and everyone in it can't leave and no one can enter the dome protects the user and allies from attacks or can be used to entrap enemies dome lasts 15sec and saps 3% chakra every 4secs (cd of 30 sec)

Sensatsu: Suisho: (Ice skill)(must be in ice mirror to use and have well you know the other thing) User creates a mini aoe covering about all the area inside the mirror and hitting any opponents inside for damage very good combo attack (cd of 20secs).5*Nin

Ice Ball: (ice skill)(can't be used in ice mirrors sorry) User forms a giant ball of ice which they then throw out in front of them that damages everyone in a 3 tile radius of wherever the ball travels (cd of 15secs) 1*Nin

Senbon Heki: well you know (cd of 5secs) 1*Nin

Senbon Throw: User throws 3 senbon from where he standing anyone in any of the 3 tiles while they are flying down gets damaged (cd of 3sec) .5*Wep
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Mist Clan Revamps
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