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 Rain Clan Revamps

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PostSubject: Rain Clan Revamps   Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:30 pm

Hanzo ...nothing at all to say on this man



Poison Fangs: When attacking with melee or skills this clan has a 5% chance to inflict poison on enemy for 10secs taking away 5% hp every 5 sec

Poison Gauntlets: An aura of poison surrounds users arms boosting them

Sickle Sheath/Unsheathe: Makes user hold or sheath in their sickle

Sickle Pull: User throws sickle it goes out to 5 tiles and anyone it hits it damages then pulls them in and stuns them for 5 secs we been through this (cd of 10sec)(.5* wep dmg)

Sickle Slash: User slashes and anyone in the 3 tiles in front of them is hit twice for damage we been through this (cd of 5 sec)(.4* wep dmg)

X Slash: User creates an X by slashing widely with their chakra the X covers diagonally up to 3 tiles from the tile in front user anyone in one of the tiles hit by the X is damaged (cd of 5sec)(1* Nin dmg)

Poison Cloud: User creates a mini aoe poison cloud covering about a 3 by 3 area and instead of a chance to poison this skill auto poison any enemy hit (cd of 20sec)(1.1* Nin dmg)

Ibuse: Summon a giant salamander to fight along side you for 1 min saps 5% chakra every 10secs the salamander when first summoned uses a smaller version of poison cloud which covers about an area of 2 by 2 and then has a 20 sec cd too so for every 20 sec the salamander is summoned and fights it uses the skill (cd of 1min after unsummon)

Katon: Kibaku Enjin: User fires of a mini aoe of fire about 3 by 3 and in the aoe there are explosive tags mixed in so when someone tries to walk out and they hit an explosive tag they take damage twice instead of once (cd of 15sec)(.5* Nin dmg)

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PostSubject: Re: Rain Clan Revamps   Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:18 pm

I like the Katon Kibaku Enjin jutsu lol
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Rain Clan Revamps
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