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1. Boil Element - Fire + Water

Name: Boil Element: Escape
Rank: D
This technique is simple, used as a distraction for escape when in a tight position. By forming the proper hand signs the clan member will expel thick but contained cloud of steam from their nostrils. This cloud, obviously being acidic, prevents those pursuing the user from continuing forward with out being harmed. Thus allowing the user to escape with both a distraction and a momentary barrier before the steam cloud disperses.

Name: Boil Element: Release
Rank: C
By gathering chakra into their stomach, the user can produce the boil element in liquid, steam, or fog form to use as they wish. The potency of the acid is medium at best, capable of melting flesh at neither a slow nor speedy pace.

Name: Boil Element: Boil Bullet
Rank: D-C
Range: Close (0 meters ~ 5 meters) Medium (5 meters ~ 30 Meters)
The user will first draw chakra into their stomach, forming the boil element there first before expelling it in the form of a compressed bullet from their mouth. The first level (D rank) is commonly used by genin as a parlor trick or form of tag with lasting marks. As in it will leave both burning and scalding flesh in it's wake causing momentary pain but a lasting twinge. The second level, used instead as a weapon, has a more potent effect by actually bursting with both a compact miniature explosion as well as more severe effects from it's acidic nature. This time actually melting some of the flesh off the inflicted person, enough to cause bleeding.

Name: Boil Element: Rising Steam
Rank: B
Range: Close (0 meters ~ 5 meters) Medium (5 meters ~ 30 Meters)
Taking advantage of their elemental affinity for the boil element, the user will first gather chakra with in their stomach and form said element. Second, the user will then expel the element in liquid form from their mouth and down toward the ground. This continuous stream of liquid will then accumulate in puddles across the battle field. At first they will seem no more then acidic puddles to watch out for, but immediately following the expulsion of the element from the user the puddles will begin to release steam. This will then cause many columns of acidic steam, originating from the puddles, to rise up and create an acidic cloud right upon the battle field. This cloud will then begin the process of melting away at all with in the vicinity, including the opponent.

Name: Boil Element: Acid Rain
Rank: A
Range: Close (0 meters ~ 5 meters) Medium (5 meters ~ 30 Meters)
The user of this jutsu will, much like the other jutsu, first gather chakra in their stomach and release it in a torrent of steam into the air. This large amount of steam will continually rise up, eventually mixing with the clouds in the sky or simply becoming a cloud all on it's own. Second, the steam will pull in some moisture from the air to increase it's mass. Finally it will begin to rain, not normal rain though, but instead acidic rain that will burn away at anything the rain comes in contact with. It is said that this technique was once heavily feared by those of the Senju clan due to a past usage of it, nearly annihilating an entire forest.

Name: Koumu no Jutsu - Skilled Fog Technique
Rank: S+
Range: Close (0 meters ~ 5 meters) Medium (5 meters ~ 30 Meters)
Futton • Koumu no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Boil Element. To utilize this technique, Mizukage will first form the needed hand seals. She will then emit an acidic fog from her mouth, which is capable of melting and burning away her target. This technique is powerful enough to partially melt away the bones of Susanoo. Because the fog can affect everyone around her, Mizukage will try to maneuver her opponent into an area away from comrades. Should the fog escape its confinement, she can reduce its effectiveness and neutralize the acid.  

2. Lava Release - Fire + Earth

Name: Lava Element: Weapon Creation
Rank: D
The user of this jutsu will first channel chakra into their stomach before spewing it forth from their mouth an into their hands. The lava itself will be thicker then usually, however, allowing the user to then mold it into a weapon with a few simple gestures. The weapons created will be very hard, the molten rock about as hard as steel.

Name: Lava Release: Rubber Rope[
Rank: D  
The user creates a rope with lava converted into a rubber-like material. It can be used to quickly withdraw an ally of the attack line, being more efficient when combined with a distraction.

Name: Lava Element: Liquid Fire
Rank: C
The user of this jutsu will gather chakra into their stomach and then expel the lava element in it's weakest form in an unbalanced ratio of fire to rock, the elements which compose it. This unbalanced equation, having more fire element mixed into it then earth, will then posses a more liquid-like form, almost like a slush, that is capable of burning through solid rock and igniting a building upon contact. Upon contact with skin it will burn away quickly, but due to it's very slushy form can be easily removed. Can melt through Hyouton clan ice with sustained contact.

Name: Lava Element: Lava Creation
Rank: C
The user will first channel chakra into the ground beneath them, thus turning the ground to lava. The process is quick, as the ground will melt away into the liquid-like lava. This lava is capable of being manipulated by the user for other uses, such as solidifying for defense or using it as a weapon.

Name: Lava Release: Rubber Wall
Rank: C  
The user creates an enormous torrent of lava from the ground directly in front of them, which then forms into a wall possessing immense durability due to its rubbery consistency that allows the material to deform when attacked, meaning it can both absorb and dissipate the force behind a blow rather than just simply obstruct it. This technique can also be used to provide reinforcement to a pre-existing barrier.

Name: Lava Element: Molten Defense
Rank: B  
The user will first channel chakra into their stomach, changing it into the lava element. Then, by expeling the lava directly in front of them, the user will solidify it that instant to create a solid defense as hard as steel. This solidified form of lava will provide a very sturdy defense capable of blocking B-ranked attacks and below.

Name: Lava Element: Lava Spray
Rank: B  
By gathering chakra into the users stomach, they may expel it in a jet of lava. By aiming this jet of lava upward, the contents will then rain down in a spray of lava that will melt away at anything in it's path. Due to it's large range, the jutsu is immensely difficult to avoid and instead should be defended against to actually remain unharmed by the jutsu completely.

Name: Lava Release: Rubber Ball
Rank: B
The user expels a large glob of lava from their mouth, which quickly solidifies into a hollow ball that can be used to protect an object by surrounding it with the durable rubber-like material. The properties of this substance mean that it can both absorb and dissipate the force behind a blow when struck, resulting in it either deforming or bouncing upon impact.

A skilled user of this technique, such as Dodai, is capable of making it appear as if they were intending to protect an object or individual within the sphere, when in fact they merely use the ball as a distraction in order to occupy an enemy, while instead covertly withdrawing the item in question from the ball during its formation.

Name: Lava Element: Volcanic Eruption
Rank: A  
Unlike the many of the jutsu of this clan, the user will channel chakra through the earth to create youton beneath it's surface over a period of time (2 Posts). After two minutes of doing this the surface of the earth will become noticeably hotter as the lava beneath is pushed toward the surface by the built up pressure. The user will then release this build up pressure by creating small craters in the ground with either explosion tags or simply stabbing holes into it with some other technique. By creating holes to release this pent up lava it will cause the youton element to spray upward in a miniature explosion at every point a hole was created. The more holes the smaller the explosion will be, however by creating only a few holes to release this built up lava the explosion of lava will be much larger. With the combination of the explosion and lava this jutsu can lead to severe injuries and, sometimes, even death.

Name: Youkai no Jutsu - Melting Spectre Technique
Rank: S  
Youton • Youkai no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lava Element. To utilize this technique, Mizukage will first form the needed hand seals. She will then emit a jet of melting, viscous liquid from her mouth which can dissolve most anything it touches. After coming into contact with other materials, the heat will generate clouds will can mask further attack.

3. Storm Release - Lightning + Yami

Reizaa Saakasu [ Laser Circus ]
Manipulating their ability to mold Raiton and Suiton, the user will perform the needed handsign and release threads of "liquid lightning" from their freehand. Because of their composition and formation, these beams deal both impact and electric damage. The user is also able to bend these beams toward their target in order to deliver pinpoint strikes.

Makaze [ Devil's Storm ]
Rank B  
Aiming their hand at their target, the user releases a capturing projectile in the fashion of a black cloud lump which expands and engulfs on impact. Once the target is encased by this cloud, they will immediately be electrocuted, rendering them either unconscious for an indefinite amount of time, or paralyzed for a moderate period.

Raiton: Kurobansa [ Lightning Release: Black Panther ]
Rank A  
The user performs a single handsign and tucks it close to their body, from here a substantial amount of black lightning will surge about their torso. By aiming the still held handsign, the user releases a mass of black lightning in the shape of a panther-like creature to electrocute their target. Because of its size and overall power, the panther is capable of causing severe damage if full contact is made.

Raiun • Honba [ Storm Cloud • Home ]
Rank A
The user releases black clouds from one hand while performing handsigns with the other. The spray of clouds will coil around and encompass on the user, forming a mass of electrically charged darkness. If anyone else ventures within the mass of clouds, they will almost instantaneously be assaulted by various electric surges, which will continue to barrage the body until said person leaves. Because of their nearly nonexistent weight, the user is free to move around at a lessened pace with this cover of electric pillows so long as they hold the single handsign.

» Raiun • Douki [ Storm Cloud • Pulsation ]
Rank C
Extending the electric composition of [ Raiun • Honba, ] the user will use their free hand to deliver a solid palm thrust from within the clouds to send out a bulb of pure electricity at a rather high velocity. Unfortunately, because the clouds are so difficult to see through, the user typically has to have developed some method to get passed this, lest they literally be shooting in the dark.
• Obtained when [ Raiun • Honba ] is learned.

» Raiun • Dendou Ranpi [ Storm Cloud • Electric Dissipation ]
Rank C  
Rather than simply letting [ Raiun • Honba ] end, the user will supply additional chakra to the clouds before casting them off. Now, rather than simply fading away, the black clouds will cause an electric burst.
• Obtained when [ Raiun • Honba ] is learned.

Hongumori [ Low-Cloud Overcast ]
Rank S  
With a simple snap of the fingers, the user causes overhead clouds in the area to become physically heavy, forcing them to fall rather quickly to the ground. Everyone, including the user, feels the weight of these fallen fluffs, causing movement to become a struggle. ( Moving through piles of snow, is a good example. ) Then, starting with the most conductive objects in the affected area, severe surges of lightning will indiscriminately occur within the white.

Hijutsu: Ryuuki Boufuuryuu [ Secret Technique: Rising Dragon Storm ]
Rank S
The user takes aim with both hands, builds up chakra, and then releases a twisting torrent of black clouds at the target at an impressive speed. While twisting, the black clouds will separate and converge multiple times, as if dragons clashing during a fight. This odd display can be rather confusing for first time opponents... or, victims, rather. When the attack finally makes impact, the clouds will cluster, swirl, and electrocute a rather well sized area. Then, just as the technique seems to be coming to an end, the user will perform one last handsign, and the clouds will coil and spin into a miniature storm tornado. Although it only gives a few rotations, the second half of this technique is just as, if not more so lethal as the first.  

4. Explosion Release - Earth + Fire

Bakuton: Baku Sukin [ Explosive Release: Explosive Skin ]
Rank: Attribute
Description: This style is what defines the Physical Method. It allows its users to cause explosions by pressing and pulsing their explosive chakra from their skin. Although born into a method, a Bakuton user must better develop their particular attribute before progressing to more established techniques.

Bakuton: Poppu [ Explosive Release: Pop ]
Rank: E  
Description: A skill used mostly for disarming an opponent, but can also be used for typical combat purposes. The user will first concentrate their explosive chakra into their index and middle fingers. They will then attempt to 'poke' the target's limbs, typically the wrist when attempting to disarm, releasing a small explosive charge. The explosion is not very powerful at all, but it can still singe and offset when executed properly.

Bakuton: Bakuno [ Explosive Release: Detonate ]
Rank: D  
Description: The user slaps or chops his/her intended target with a simple chakra enhanced hand, releasing an explosive charge on contact. Because of its simple method, low cost, and effective results, this is a more commonly seen Bakuton technique.

Bakuton: Baku Shuuha [ Explosive Release: Explosive Wave ]
Rank: D
Description: Rather than making contact and releasing the explosion upon the enemy, the user will stop their hand about two feet from his/her target. At this distance, the user will quickly pulse chakra through their hand in order to create a short-range withheld blast, roughly the same width as the user's palm. The blast travels about three feet, but the focal point is at its center.

Bakuton: Hiraken [ Explosive Release: Landmine Palm ]
Rank: C
Description: A weak version of the Landmine Fist technique. The user performs a hard palm thrust, attempting to strike a weak point in the target's defenses. At the same moment as the impact, he/she will release explosive chakra in an instant, causing a moderate blast which will push the two parties from one another. This technique can also be manipulated to create distance.

Bakuton: Tsuin Hariken [ Blast Release: Twin Landmine Palm ]
Rank: Passive  
Description: With a bit more training, the user will be able to release the Landmine Palm technique with both hands at the same time. ( This is done as if using the technique twice in one instance, so it will consume the needed chakra twice. )

Bakuton: Tsuchi Iten [ Explosive Release: Earth Rising Blast ]
Rank: C
Description: A technique whose name is a bit more frightening than its effects. The user places his/her hands to the ground while releasing explosive chakra. After a short period of time, they will rip their arms up in a swift yank, causing an explosion which tears the terrain upward in chunks. Typically used to create mild barriers or to simply destroy the flooring.

Bakuton: Rajiusu Bakuha [ Explosive Release: Radius Blast ]
Rank: B
Description: The user places their hands flat against the ground, and concentrates the explosive chakra from their hands into the area around them in order to create a perimeter. After a moderate amount of preparation, the user will release one last push of chakra, causing a radius of ten yards to be engulfed in a powerful blast. Although the perimeter is created to protect the user, because the explosion occurs so close, they will still suffer some damage.

Bakuton: Baku Haji [ Explosive Release: Explosive Grip ]
Rank: B
Description: The user concentrates explosive chakra into one of their hands before attempting to get a hold of their target. Once a firm grip is established, the user releases three sharp explosions at different points on their hand. The differentiation in the explosion locations causes distortion and internal damage beyond the effects of the blasts themselves.

Bakuton: Jiraiken [ Explosive Release: Landmine Fist ]
Rank: A
Description: After establishing direct contact with their target through a simple punch, the user manipulates their explosive chakra to instantaneously generate an enormous explosion from the initial point of contact. This blast is powerful enough to completely obliterate an opponent far larger than the user. Due to the directionality of the blast, the user minimizes any potential repercussions, such as being struck by debris and even recoil appears to be completely negated.

Bakuton: Jirai-Kyaku [ Explosive Release: Landmine Kick ]
Rank: A
Description: This technique is similar in method and power to the Landmine Fist. The user makes contact with a simple kick to the target. Once that contact is made, the user will manipulate their explosive chakra to release a powerful forward blast.

Bakuton: Soukaitei [ Explosive Release: Mine Sweeper ]
Rank: S
Description: The user charges an extreme amount of explosive chakra into their hands, causing them to radiate with a thick colored aura. While active, each strike and poke from the user causes a spot of the user's chakra to develop on the contacted area. The stronger and wider the strike, the deeper the color and wider the mark. Because the marks are created even on blocked strikes, this technique is extremely difficult for slower opponents to deal with. When the duration of this technique ends, the marks on the afflicted areas will glow bright. A short time after this, the marks will flare even brighter, until bursting into terrific explosions whose blast power is a direct reflection of the thickness of their color.

5. Scorch Release - Water + Fire

Mizu Shirizoke [ Water Repelling ]
This technique produces a mist of pure Shakuton chakra that dehydrates Suiton techniques that come into contact with it. The amount of chakra used in this technique is directly reflective of the incoming attack. .

Kansou no Bunshin [ Scorch Release: Dehydrated Clone ]
Rank D
A shadow clone technique on a timer. These clones are created with the sole purpose of performing kamikaze style attacks. They will charge their target in order to catch it in a predetermined dehydrating wind-blast. The power of the "explosion" is roughly that of a standard explosive note, but the winds that follow are capable of causing a slight amount of wide spread dehydration. The clone will self-detonate after being hit

Moeru [ To Burn ]
Rank D
A simple technique that coats one's hands with chakra. If the user successfully makes contact, the hit position will be moderately to excessively dehydrated, depending on the actual contact.

Kabari [ Fire Needle ]
Rank D
A technique that produces 6 opaque red senbon in front of the user, which are capable of deflecting light projectiles like shuriken, and senbon. The user may also launch the needles in a simple attack pattern, causing small dehydration to contacted areas.

Hijuugan no Jutsu [ Ten Fiery Eyes Technique ]
Rank C
The user performs a single handsign and generates ten small fireballs (shuriken sized) which hover around a designated area. These fireballs are capable of causing significant burns and dehydration to their target, though they are somewhat slow in comparison to most ninja techniques.

Kyoujouki no Hitoya [ Extreme Steam Prison ]
Rank C
The user performs the required handsigns and rises various tall, thin pillars of Shakuton chakra from the ground which converge to form a prison or cage like construct. Anything that comes into contact with the pillars is almost instantly dehydrated.

Sabakuhi [ Desert Sun ]
Rank B
This technique generates a palm sized sphere of Shakuton chakra which can be launched into the sky in order to create a false sun, of the same color as its user's chakra color. The false sun will cast out sunbeams which slowly dry up everything in the area. If used during the night, the fake sun may disturb the circadian rhythm in living creatures.

Hinotama no Heifuku [ Prostration of the Falling Star ]
Rank B
Several (4-6) large sphere of Shakuton chakra fall from the atmosphere in a random manner, each causing an explosion equivalent to six explosive tags. Additionally, the winds that follow the explosions are capable of nearly dehydrating in a single volley.

Kajousatsu [ Extreme Steam Killing ]
Rank A
The user performs the appropriate handsigns, and generates four powerful fireballs which hover around an allotted area. These fireballs are capable of utterly dehydrating those that come into contact with them.

Nichinaishuuki [ Diurnal Cycle ]
Rank A
After performing the needed handsigns, three false suns (roughly 3 yard diameter) are generated and rotate around the user. These suns typically keep away attackers while their rotation forces a moderately dehydrating radial wind.

Taiyo no Senkou [ Flash of the Sun God ]
Rank S
The user holds a single handsign, pulsing chakra all throughout their body. In a burst moment, everything within a 20 yard radius will be overcome by a powerful surge of heat, dehydrating those in range.

6. Magnetic Manipulation - Earth + Lightning

Toroi's Magnetic Shuriken [ Unnamed ]
Rank: E
Official Description: This unnamed shuriken jutsu used by Cloud ninja Toroi utilizes the Magnetic Element. Using his ability to generate Jiton, Toroi will magnetize his string of shuriken. Should these shuriken come into contact with an enemy, they will in turn become magnetized. This power is such that it will even pass from a held weapon on to their body. To avoid becoming magnetized, the victim must totally dodge the shuriken launch. With the enemy body now magnetized, Toroi will summon his gigantic shuriken which will be attracted to the magnetized foe.

Hagane Dama [ Iron Bullet ]
Rank D  
The user aims with a single finger, drawing iron powder around the tip. The iron will then form and compact into a small ball, which can then be fired off like a projectile at a relatively high speed.

Teikou no Michi [ Electrical Resistance Method ]
Rank C
The user will place a hand forward, pulsing out chakra, while simultaneously turning it into magnetic energy. If the amount of magnetic energy formed is enough to disrupt other such forces, this method can thusly be used to repel incoming attacks that are affected by such forces. This includes not only metal and iron weapons, but lightning as well.

6A.  Iron Sand Creation

Hagane Bunshin no Jutsu [ Iron Clone Technique ]
Rank C
After performing the needed handsigns, the user will create a powerful clone composed of their iron sand. Because of its composition, the clone is extremely durable, however, it is also slower than its creator. Unlike other clones, whence this one is created, the user can further mold it with another technique.
• Only one iron clone can be active at once.

» Hagane Bunshin Soujuu [ Iron Clone Manipulation ]
Rank D
Holding a single handsign, the user will meld an active iron clone, changing its overall appearance- limbs into weapons; a male figure into an animal; a female figure into plant life –most anything is possible. The only condition is that the clone retains its humanoid size.
• Must know [ Hagane Bunshin no Jutsu ] before learning this technique.

Satetsu Kesshuu [ Iron Sand Gathering Assault ]
Rank B  
This technique gathers a great volume of iron sand and compresses it into a high-density shape. This greatly increases the hardness, creating a gigantic steel-like weapon in an instant. The weight and size of these shapes are so great, they can easily shatter bedrock and break through most defences with one hit.
Because the weapon is made out of iron sand, the shape can be whatever the user wants, and can even be changed during the fight. This allows the user to create the best weapon for the fight, by taking into account the opponent's abilities and the surrounding environment.

Satetsu Shigure [ Iron Sand Drizzle ]
Rank B
The user will levitate iron sand above their enemy, condensing it into small compact clumps, and then force it all to rain down on their target. Because the clumps are so compact, and the rate at which they fall is rather fast, enemies are far better off completely evading the attack, rather than attempting to defend against it.
Although described as a descending technique, one can manipulate the sand to fire from most any angle.

Satetsu Kyuu [ Iron Sand Coffin ]
Rank B
The user will force iron sand to crawl up on their target. The sand will then wrap up and around, until it fully encases the target. As the sand encloses, it will apply a crushing amount of pressure, more than capable of grinding bones. Although it is almost an assured hit after it makes contact, it is a rather slow technique.

» Satetsu Soushiki [ Iron Sand Funeral ]
Rank B  
After the target is wrapped within [ Satetsu Kyuu ], the user is capable of performing this finishing technique. Rather than being performed by handsigns, the user will aim their hand at the target, and clench it into a fist. This signal forces the iron sand to tighten its grip, causing it to magnify to a powderizing pressure that leaves its victim a bloody and disorganized mess of flesh and liquid.
• Must know [ Satetsu Kyuu: Iron Sand Coffin ] before learning this technique.

Satetsu Omori no Jutsu [ Iron Sand Clog Technique ]
Rank B  
A technique designed to utterly disable puppets during battle. Boasting their control over iron sand, the user will force up a small wave in order to slap and bind a ninja puppet. If successful, the user will then manipulate the sand so that it clogs and grinds against the puppet's hinges and joints, rendering it either crippled or completely useless.

Satetsu Rou [ Iron Sand Prison ]
Rank A
The user will manipulate a massive amount of iron sand, forcing it to form a huge airtight dome around an allotted area. The formation, density, and scope of the sand depend on the amount of chakra poured into it. One can fine-tune the sand's properties to the target's size and characteristics. No matter if the target is on the ground or flying in the air, it is almost impossible to escape from this technique.

Satetsu Shouheki [ Iron Sand Barrier ]
Rank A
The user pulls iron sand around them in a dome fashion, making use of a single handsign to make it harden in place, unfortunately, this means the user cannot move around with it. The barrier is able to withstand up to an S ranked amount of damage in total.

Satetsu Kaihou [ Iron Sand World Order ]
Rank A
This jutsu uses iron sand to create a gigantic sphere of branching spikes. The user creates two masses of iron sand with matching polarities and then merges them together. This causes the magnetic forces to instantly increase and the repellent force created by the two similar magnetic fields scatters the iron sand across a vast area.

Satetsu Taisou [ Iron Sand Imperial Funeral ]
Rank S
The user will lay their hands down on the ground, causing a well sized region ( 60 yard length ) in front of them to become laced with iron sand. The surfaces afflicted by the lace will attain a dark gray tint. While remaining in this position, the user will send surges of chakra through the sand, causing it to rise and fall as if tidal waves. Because of its iron composition, most anything caught within these waves is crushed or smothered to death.

6B. Yondaime Kazekage's Gold Dust

Hakkin Ginkin Joumyaku [Platinum, Gold, Silver Vein ]
Rank: B
By using Satetsu Soushi (Iron-Sand Creation) and Jika no Jutsu (Magnetizing technique) the user is able to pull up gold, silver and or platinum from the ground. An advance terrain transmutation.

Jika Renda [ Magnetize Barrage ]
Rank: B  
The user magnetizes their sands and rushes the target with a variety of crafted tools such as sphere, cubes, shuriken, senbon, cones, etc...

Jika Arashi [ Magnetized Storm ]
Rank: B
Once a target is magnetized the user can use this jutsu to increase their magnetic rating. If successful the magnetized target's magnetic rating goes up 2 rankings.

Ginkin: Kaihō [ Gold Silver: World Order ]
Rank: B
By using their gold and silver they create a gigantic sphere of branching spikes. The user creates two masses of silver and gold of opposing magnetic fields and then merges them together. This causes the magnetic forces to instantly increase and the repellent force created by the two opposing magnetic fields scatters the Iron Sand across a vast area.

Ginkin: Sansei [ Gold Silver: Flooding Storm ]
Rank: A  
User their mastery of magnetic fields and metal sands the user whips up a large wave of gold and silver that. After the wave has crashed the gold silver raises into the air and forms clouds of gold silver. If the person is hit and has been magnetized the strength of this jutsu is doubled.

Ginkin Rendan Ichi: Ooame [ Gold Silver Combo 1: Heavy Rain ]
Rank: A
A follow up to Ginkin jutsu the user uses their magnetizing skills to cause the clouds to fall with great force. If the target has been magnetized the strength of this jutsu is doubled.

Ginkin Rendan Ni: Daikokubashira [ Gold Silver Combo 2: Central Pillar ]
Rank: A
A follow up to a Ginkin jutsu. The user creates a giant pillar that shoots up. If the target is magnetized and struck by the technique they become stuck to the surface.

Ginkin Rendan San: Nagareboshi [ Gold Silver Combo 3: Shooting Star ]
Rank: A
A follow up to a Ginkin jutsu. The user creates multiple pyramid structures that are shot using magnetic compression greatly accelerate the projectile. If the target has been magnetized the strength of this jutsu is doubled.

Hakkin Kabe [ Platinum Wall ]
Rank: A
The user creates a wall of platinum able to withstand a variety of attacks with strong resistance to heat.

Hyapporankan [ 100 Step Fence ]
Rank: A
The user launches a series of octagonal rods around the area setting up boundaries. Each rod generates strong magnetic fields that allows the user to use them as focal points for attacks to make the faster.

Denjiki: Jiba [ Electromagnetism: Magnetic Field ]
Rank: S
A technique that can only be used after using Hyapporankan. The area covered by the Hyapporankan becomes super charged causing the air to crackle with electrical energy. If user is magnetized in the field it is considered direct contact. Last 3 post.

Denjiki: Byakurai [ Electromagnetism: Pale lightning ]
Requirement: Denjiki: Jiba
Rank: S
The user gathers electricity in the magnetic field and then draws a powerful lightning stick to one of the rods or other magnetized objects.

Denjiki: Tsuzuri Raiden [ Electromagnetism: Bound Lightning ]
Requirement: Denjiki: Jiba
Rank: S+
The user spreads out their sand so that all rods are connected creating a potentially massive net then intensifies the field before releasing a charged Byakurai into the center causing it spread and arch.
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Kekkei Genkai Jutsu
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