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Kage Requirements
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 Hatake Kakashi Revamp

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PostSubject: Hatake Kakashi Revamp   Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:44 pm

Hatake Kakashi


Sharingan: 10% Chance to dodge an incoming attack

Sharingan: 1*(NIn and Gen)

Mangekyo Sharingan: 1.1*(Nin and Gen)

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan: (300 kills 300 uses and 5+009 stats then kill an obito with MS unlocked and talk to kakashi) 1.2*(Nin and gen)

Kopisukiri: (Might as well put this since im bored) User uses sharingan and targets 1 enemy on screen then the user gets that enemies jutsu in a separate tab and if they have req then for 30seconds they can use any jutsu that enemy has (cd of 1min)

Chidori/Raikiri: Ehh well you know (cd of 5secs)(chidori and rasengan .5* nin)

Doton: Doryuheki: User creates a wall of earth in front of them guarding from any frontal attacks incoming wall lasts 10secs (cd of 20sec)

Doton: Tajuu Doryuheki: User summons 4 earth walls spread out about 2 space between user and each wall shielding them from all attacks any thing in walls can't get out and nothing can get in the walls lasts 15sec (cd of 20sec)

Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu: Explaind this to much at uchihas o.o  (didn't put damage for it so ima do it here .2 nin damage)

Katon: Shin Gokakyu no Jutsu: Explained this to much too .5* nin damage

Genjutsu Sharingan: Explained

Kamui:  User opens a dimensional portal right in front of them and everyone 4 tiles or less away from the portal is pulled in while receiving damage .2* the users nin (Portal lasts 5sec and everyone pulled in is hit for cont damage every 1 sec until portal disappears) (cd of 45sec)

Kamui: Raikiri: User forms a kamui in front of them which pulls in enemies and damages them cont for every 1 sec after they form kamui they then auto activate raikiri and dash forward damaging anyone in the tile in front of them getting pulled in (portal lasts 3sec) (cd of 40sec)

Raiton: Raiju Tsuiga: (Homing) User creates a electric hound that is then hits enemy for damage .4*nin (cd of 10sec)

Raiton: Bunshin: Summons a clone with 1/2 their stats and hp to aid them in battle clone lasts 1min and spas 5% chakra every 10sec (cd of 30sec)

Raiden: (Must have a raiton bunshin summoned) User and bunshin both perform raikiri and stand 3 spaces from each other and then user can move around for 5secs and whoever is hit in between their connecting raikiris takes damage (cd of 30sec)

Kuchiyose: Ninken: (Homing) User summons dogs on enemy to restrain them for 5secs (cd of 15secs)

Suiton: Daibakufu no jutsu: Similar to obito bakufu except this hits up to 4 tiles (cd of 10sec) .3* nin

Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu: Use creates a water dragon covering up to 3 tiles that blasts down damaging anyone it hits (cd of 10sec) .3*nin

Suiton: Suikodan no Jutsu: User summons a water shark that covers 2 tiles and blasts it down damaging any opponent it  hits (cd of 5sec) .5*nin

Susanoo:  1*(nin and tai)

Perfect Susanoo: (500 Sharingan uses, 300kills +010 stats, and 300 susanoo uses) 1.5*(nin and tai)

Susanoo Ribs: cuts all damage use takes in half for 1min (cd of  1min)

Amaterasu: Explained at uchiha

Kamui: Shuriken: (Perfect susanoo must have been obtained in order to receive this skill and must be active to use this skill) User throws out shurikens that have kamui embedded on them from each direction (N, S, W, E, Nw, NE, Sw, Se) after 2 seconds of flying out whatever tile they land on they stop and suck in all enemies and damage them cont every 1 sec these kamui shurikens lasts 3sec (cd of 1min)
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Hatake Kakashi Revamp
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