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~Head Admin~

Kage Requirements
(Requirements: 1+10 stats,1.5+13 Hp/Chakra)


(Hokage) Hokage
(Sand) Kazekage
(Cloud) Raikage
(Mist) Mizukage
(Rock) Tsuchikage
(Rain) Amekage
(Grass) Kusakage
(Dark) Yamikage
(Sun) Taiyoukage
(Moon) Tsukikage
(Thunder) Ikazuchikage
(Star) Hoshikage
(Snow) Yukikage

Leader Requirements
(Requirements: 2+10 stats, 2+13 Hp/Chakra)

Akatsuki Leader
Sound 5
Root Leader
Blood Leader
7SM Leader
Police Force Leader
12 Guardian Ninja Leader
Assassins Leader
Taka Leader
Organization XIII Leader

June 2019


 NSL Official Guide

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PostSubject: NSL Official Guide   NSL Official Guide EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 10:02 pm

Welcome to Naruto Sage's Legacy!

My name is Takahashi, and today I will be telling you some of the basics to the game that we all love and cherish. Starting from creation we'll talk about key points that you must know in order to create the best character possible.Our first topic is names. Although most people don't see names as an important part of the game; appearance is everything.

Moving on to the second point. Clans. When choosing your clans keep a few things in mind.

  • The clans should have similar play styles to maximize usage.

  • You are able to choose from two of the various clans within the game.

  • Some clans are not finished, so be sure to pay attention to the welcome screen.

  • Although the clans have similar play styles now this will change later on in the game.

Moving on to the next category. When you are within creation another key element is your... Elements! lol! Elements aren't a key part in the game, but they can greatly improve your combat skills. Elements each have different ways to be played, and some elements(Yami) are used just for their good boosts. So keep in mind that your element can greatly affect whether or not your ninja is fully successful.

Moving on to starting up. When you start you will spawn inside your villages academy. From this point you have two options. You can either rush to the Genin Exam and pass it. (My suggestion). Or you can train to cap. This will take about 2 minutes, but I guess it's your choice. After you pass your exam you will have another cap. It is suggested reaching this cap as you may need it for the chunin exam. In the chunin exam you will have to pass a written portion, and then head into the forest to get the opposing scrolls. NPCs might have scrolls, but there may be some laying around. Head to the center of the map and you'll become a chunin. There aren't vests for chunin currently, but after training to the chunin cap you will immediately become Jounin. This ends your cap. (Atleast for a long while.)

Another rank is the Hunter-Nin. This can be achieved by getting the following requirements.

  • 50 Missing Kills.

  • 1+009 stats.

Now for the important part. If you haven't already spoke to your clan rep. This will get you all your techniques if you have the requirements. Now you've been setup to a good point in the game where you can combat other players. This is just the first part in your guide to becoming the perfect ninja.
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PostSubject: Re: NSL Official Guide   NSL Official Guide EmptyWed Jan 24, 2018 3:04 pm

O word
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NSL Official Guide
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