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 Elements Reconfig

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PostSubject: Elements Reconfig   Elements Reconfig EmptyMon Feb 16, 2015 2:12 pm

Okay so Yusuke and Belph have decided to add some new twists to elements so I'll explain how they'll work and add a few other things that I was gonna put later but have to put here.


Strong Against: Lightning,
Weak Against: Fire, Earth
Compatible: Water


Strong Against: Earth, Water
Weak Against: Futon
Compatible: Water


Strong Against: Fire
Weak Against: Earth, Wind
Compatible: Wind, Lightning


Strong Against: Water, Wind
Weak Against: Lightning
Compatible: Fire


Strong Against: Light
Weak Against: Light


Strong Against: Darkness
Weak Against: Darkness
(Was gonna suggests that besides 5 main elements you remove the other extra ones and add them as prizes from tournys but whatever floats your boat)


Strong Against: Fire, Earth, Wind
Weak Against: Ice, Water


Strong Against: Earth, Fire
Weak Against: Wind, Water, Ice, Lava


Strong Against: Water, Ice, Scorch
Weak Against: Earth, Wind, Fire, Lava


Strong Against: Water, Fire, Lava, Scorch
Weak Against: Boil, Earth, Wind

OK now to explain it so here's how it'll work so lets say 2 people fire off a projectile and those 2 people have around the same stats we'll call those people A and B. So A fires off a Fire Projectile while B fires off a water projectile of course B would win since the water overpower the fire projectile. Now lets say that A is just about fairly stronger then B who do you think would win? If you guess A then ur wrong lolol it would be B still now lets say A was completely overpowering and could shrek B then A would be able to overpower his water Jutsu with a fire Jutsu. Now then Ex 2 A and B both fire off the same elemental type of projectiles whatever they may be (Fire and Fire, Water and Water ect) The 2 projectiles will of course cancel each other out unless one of them has overwhelming power

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Elements Reconfig
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