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NSL Donation’s

The Crew

Project X


~Head Admin~

Kage Requirements
(Requirements: 1+10 stats,1.5+13 Hp/Chakra)


(Hokage) Hokage
(Sand) Kazekage
(Cloud) Raikage
(Mist) Mizukage
(Rock) Tsuchikage
(Rain) Amekage
(Grass) Kusakage
(Dark) Yamikage
(Sun) Taiyoukage
(Moon) Tsukikage
(Thunder) Ikazuchikage
(Star) Hoshikage
(Snow) Yukikage

Leader Requirements
(Requirements: 2+10 stats, 2+13 Hp/Chakra)

Akatsuki Leader
Sound 5
Root Leader
Blood Leader
7SM Leader
Police Force Leader
12 Guardian Ninja Leader
Assassins Leader
Taka Leader
Organization XIII Leader

June 2019


 Medical Ninja

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PostSubject: Medical Ninja    Medical Ninja  EmptySat Feb 21, 2015 11:28 am

Haruno Sakura


Heal: Regain 5% Health and Chakra every 1min

Chakra Enhancement: Enhances the users strength 1.5*(Tai)

Infuin: Kai: User releases a seal which they have stored chakra in 1.2*(Tai) 1,3*(Chakra and Hp)

Sozo Saisei: (Must have Infuin Kai active) User heals 30% of their hp when they use this jutsu (cd of 1min)

Ninpo: Sozo Saisei Byakugo no jutsu: (Must have 200 Sozo Saisei uses) When user uses this jutsu they emit an aura that lasts 1min and that aura cuts all damage they take in half and heals the user for 15% every 30secs (cd of 2min)

Okasho: User slams the ground creating a huge crater in front of them covering an area of about 4 by 4 and anyone in range is damaged (cd of 15secs) 1.5* Tai

Shosen Jutsu: (Must be within 1 tile proximity) Heal another player for 15% (cd of 15secs)

KonboPanchi: (Must be within 1 tile proximity) User punches enemy 1 time for damage then they get pushed back taking more damage (cd of 10sec) 1.2* Tai

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PostSubject: Re: Medical Ninja    Medical Ninja  EmptyThu Jan 25, 2018 1:04 pm

Medic OPier than this ^ full regen in 20 secsish if you get Byakugo no jutsu which hard to get but yh Very Happy
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Medical Ninja
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