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 New Bijuu System From Belphegor Not (Chibi)

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PostSubject: New Bijuu System From Belphegor Not (Chibi)   Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:15 pm

Okay so I'm gonna suggest that new bijuu system I been talking about.

So basically in order for it to work players can't be born with bijuus anymore is how it'll work.

: A random bijuu will attack a random village every hour and everyone in that village will be told what village it is attack  (This to keep competition for bijuus high don't want 1 village collecting every bijuu if they want to they can send spies to every village to keep watch gg) So basically players can form teams and hunt bijuus and it can work 1 of 2 ways to get a bijuu and become a jinchuriki. 1st- the last person to get a hit gets the bijuu sealed inside of them. 2nd- Everyone can buy a seal charm from npc and when you form teams when a person from a team gets the last hit (just incase multp teams attacking a bijuu) a random person from 1 team gets the bijuu sealed in there charm and they can use the charm to become a jinchuriki or give it to someone else.

: Now for akatsuki to acquire a bijuu lets do it like this to make it fun for them first of all they get info from every village when a bijuu attacks no matter which village it is and they can form a team and go kill a bijuu and capture it or they can capture it the traditional way by killing the player with the bijuu (but I think it'll be harder since players will be guarded probably or they'll hide gg)

: Now for other players to steal a bijuu (just incase you know a village gets greedy and wants to collect all bijuus for themselves) They can get a special seal item (idk how they should get it let players decide how to get it o.o) then when they have the seal item they can go form a team and head out to other villages and hunt for their bijuus and gg they can collect all bijuus just don't run into to op bijuus or run into akatsuki gg

: Get rid of jinchuriki who verb to make finding and hunting jinchurikis harder so villages can keep their jinchuriki safe lol

: Jinchurikis can also leave villages and run from home so kage be sure to give your villages jinchuriki to a trustworthy person if someone has it and you don't trust them kill them and seal their bijuu and give it to someone

: Seals will work like this (Ex. Empty seal in inventory it just says Bijuu Seal charm: then when a bijuu gets captured in it the name is changed to (Insert bijuu name)Seal charm Ex. Kyuubi/Kurama Seal Charm) gg

:When a bijuu has been sealed they stop appearing on attack list so they don't appear anymore on amp so there can only be 1 jinchuriki at a time for a bijuu

:When Juubi is formed no more bijuus appear since all 9 have been sealed in order for bijuus to appear again someone has to kill akatsuki leader while holding a bijuu split charm in their inventory or everyone has to wait until next wipe for a chance at getting a bijuu
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PostSubject: Re: New Bijuu System From Belphegor Not (Chibi)   Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:52 pm

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New Bijuu System From Belphegor Not (Chibi)
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