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 Small Numbers for a Greater MMO Feel

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Do you guys prefer smaller #s?
 100% [ 4 ]
 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 4


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PostSubject: Small Numbers for a Greater MMO Feel   Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:45 pm

How many of you are up for smaller, more realistic numbers instead of these huge DBZ powerlevel style stats?

All requirements will be lowered too obviously.

If you wanna know how low, it's gonna be max cap of like 100k probs or maybe no caps... HP/Chakra Cap like 2+07 maybe? or unlimited too...

Basically it's gonna be pokemon style levels and more pvp based, also jutsus gonna be more unique instead of same types of jutsus...

Average hits probably going to be like 5kish maybe? o.o Idk anyways, if this is polled yes or a tie, I'ma go on with this.

Training will be like this:

Taking out logs

Jutsus for certain stats, leveling up would give stat points and skill points...

To level up, basically kill, for the first few levels you can kill Village Shinobis and rogues, also some animals would be added o.o...

Level Caps
Student - 5
Genin+ = Unlimited

Kage Level Req = 45, Leader = 50, Custom Leader = 60
HP reqs gonna be like Kage - 5+06, Leader 7+06, Custom Leader - +07
Still S rank requirement for kages and leaders (CL dont need it huehue o.o)
Making maps bigger probs, meaning more ai.
Adding better ai that wander around, also use legit jutsus instead of like same 5 jutsus for all ai...
Making more ai wander around, probs like 4* more o.o
Slower ai, slower resting o.o, this too encourage teamwork.

After first few lvs, u can vs bosses for even more exp, and if they start to get easy for you, u can vs other players that give exp based on lv...

Overall, I personally think this would be a good idea but doing the poll anyways, just think this would provide a better MMO feel x.x

Oh and if this poll works out, Ima add a thing that shows dmg, it wont show higher than 999999 but it'll still hit harder if the user can hit harder o.o...

As for boosts,

if u boost to like +13 with 2+10 base rn

u can prolly have around 50k stats - maybe average player o.o and expect to boost around 2+06 maybe? idk o.o

So tornies would be more fun since average person would last more than 2-3 hits, also bigger varieties of jutsu.
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Small Numbers for a Greater MMO Feel
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