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 Just a Mix of Suggestions/Ideas/Thoughts....Again

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PostSubject: Just a Mix of Suggestions/Ideas/Thoughts....Again   Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:52 pm

A few more things I forgot to add...

One More New Org

*Haido Knights- a 4-5 member org only for Gelel clan members only. They get the armor w/ the Gelel stone on it that boosts their chakra & tai + Demon transformation.

Goal: Find the Gelel Stone & "Attempt" to takeover the ninja world..... 

New Boost/Bijuu

*Add Reibi "zero tails"/ tai boost. <--- for more info about.

*Tai boost given to a lucky dark village (villager). Reibi shouldn't be stronger than any other tailed beasts. The boosts should be a little bit less than CS mark.

* Sound 5 CS marks






 *And of course Kimimaro...*

Pure/Half Blood

*This idea pretty much gives people the option to go with (Pure) one clan or be (Half) two-clan ,which is already possible..

*If your in one clan you get full jutsu lists or moves from whatever clan you pick, with the addition of increasing your chance of getting a bijuu if you pick clans like Yugito, Killer B, Fuu, Uzumaki (including Kushina & Naruto only), Yugara, Roshi, Han, Gaara, Utakata..... Maybe Namikaze as well since he has some of Kurama's chakra in him... (Unless Yusuke uses the bijuu idea in the suggestion section)

*If your half-blooded then you simply pick two clans but your boost won't be as strong as pure bloods & not more jutsus than a pure blood.

*A more elaborate description for Pure Blood


-Uchiha= higher chance to get CS

-Uzumaki/Namikaze= Higher chance to get Kurama

-Utakata= Higher chance to get Saiken

-Yugito= Higher chance to get Matatabi

-Yugara= Higher chance to get Isobu

-Gaara= Higher chance to get Shukaku

-Roshi=Higher chance to get Son Goku

-Han= Higher chance to get Kokou

-Fuu= Higher chance to get Chomei

-Killer B= Higher chance to get Gyuki

*Nothing special for other clans but you still have the upperhand over half bloods*


*A more elaborate description for Half Blood

Uchiha= No MS/EMS, but you do get sharingan 1-3 plus fire moves. In other words your a "Normal Uchiha".

Naruto= less rasengans, and no sage mode

*Long story short you get fewer moves & boosts from both clans.

*If your Pein/Uchiha, you either get Rinnegan or Sharingan.

Other things

*Jinjuriki should be harder to find. "Jinjuriki Who" should be taken out as well as the "(insert player name) has been blessed with Kyuubi". It honestly makes Akatsuki & their rats (snitchers/spies) job easier. If someones born with a bijuu then they could either expose themselves or keep it a secret unless they can't control their bijuu and it unleashes when that player gets hurt.

*They only people that should sense jinjurikis are sensory type ninjas.

*Also add "Bijuu Mastery", don't really know how it would work but once you get 100% you can use full power bijuu.

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Posts : 4
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Mix of Suggestions/Ideas/Thoughts....Again   Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:14 pm

Demon Transformation for Haido Knights.. Different color armor base and no boobs ,obviously, for each member unless their character is a girl...

<---- This could be their village shinobi(s) for their base...

<---- Leader of Haido Knights transformation (or any member that gets the Gelel Stone)
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Just a Mix of Suggestions/Ideas/Thoughts....Again
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