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 [GM Application]: Volt-Z (Syxoul)

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Volt-Z (Syxoul)

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PostSubject: [GM Application]: Volt-Z (Syxoul)   Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:22 am

GM Application:

IGN: Volt-Z

BYOND Key: Syxoul

How I can Help:

- Assistance: Programming (Sometimes Available: Best Quality Skill [currently still learning the use of Animate/Matrix features on the Dream Maker.])
- Assistance: Interface Design (Sometimes Available)
- Assistance: World Design (Sometimes Available)
- Assistance: Pixel Artist (Weakness: Least Quality Skill)
- Assistance: Moderate Game (Available): Although that I might want to take a while for players to trust me and get recommended then I will do that before taking this position instead.

Programming: Programming seems to be one of the best skill category that I can offer.  Although I'm still in progress with the new features that BYOND has implemented (Animate/Matrix features) that I do have the experiences (since 2007) that I can provide some assistance in programming for the game.  I'm not familiar to the Naruto Jutsu(s) content because I've never actually programmed a Naruto game before and I haven't been catching up to the manga, providing me the specific task would be great.

Interface Design: Interface (Skin) Design is also another best skill that I can offer towards the game because the current skin of the game is a bit dull and it can be changed around if given order to change whatever objective given.  I have a lot of experiences of skin designing ever since I been teaching myself about everything to make a quality interface for games... but with this game I can change it around to make it a bit better for players.

World Design: World Design is another skill that I can offer towards the game because I do think of many ways to make the map look better than before it is.  I've been also teaching myself the ways of making the map look more professional than other games. (Contact for examples.)

Pixel Artist:  Pixel Art isn't my best skill overall because I lost my experience due to more leaning into other categories such as Programming and Designing.  I can't provide much and a lot of large/small art with needed animation for this game such as jutsu, etc.  But I'm good at designing flat terrain and inside tiles and floor graphics.

Moderate Game:  If anytime (probably not since a lot are online) needs a staff to watch and handle situation I can provide assistance and solving problems that players are dealing.  I've witnessed many of game's staff final decisions that ends up being unfair to players.  However, I am mostly a 70/30 strict type of staff member that doesn't interfere any activity if it doesn't contain advertising, insulting players with real life situation, etc.  I will try my best to assist helping out the community.

Prior GM Experiences:
- Experiences: 2007-2015
- Games:

  • Bleach Death To Assassins (Ikomo): Developer [Ikomo changed the hub description]
  • Naruto Shippuuden Rise of the Jinchuuriki (Mattmistr0): Admin [Known: Rune]
  • Pokemon Race Against Time (Acerpator): Head Admin
  • Pokemon Phantom Reborn (Blackclaw185): Co-Owner
  • Pokemon Supernova (Syxoul): Developer [Still Developing]
  • More: [Does not remember those of names]

How long I played the game: Joined last wipe but probably joining during a stage where I couldn't no longer train.  Currently playing this current wipe and sticking to it to try to get a position so I don't feel like being left out.

- Time Zone: Central Time (USA)
- Description: I'm online most days but sometimes I'm not online due to attending other activity.  I am also a basketball fan, and a football fan... does not have a favorite team.  Does have other gaming console such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4.  Do not have a current membership for the console but will be buying one soon to play online.  Can also provide ideas and suggestions to improve the game and it's community.

That's all I can provide, thank you for reading this application.

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PostSubject: Re: [GM Application]: Volt-Z (Syxoul)   Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:04 pm

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[GM Application]: Volt-Z (Syxoul)
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