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NSL Donation’s

The Crew

Project X


~Head Admin~

Kage Requirements
(Requirements: 1+10 stats,1.5+13 Hp/Chakra)


(Hokage) Hokage
(Sand) Kazekage
(Cloud) Raikage
(Mist) Mizukage
(Rock) Tsuchikage
(Rain) Amekage
(Grass) Kusakage
(Dark) Yamikage
(Sun) Taiyoukage
(Moon) Tsukikage
(Thunder) Ikazuchikage
(Star) Hoshikage
(Snow) Yukikage

Leader Requirements
(Requirements: 2+10 stats, 2+13 Hp/Chakra)

Akatsuki Leader
Sound 5
Root Leader
Blood Leader
7SM Leader
Police Force Leader
12 Guardian Ninja Leader
Assassins Leader
Taka Leader
Organization XIII Leader

June 2019


 The Fuuma Clan revamped

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The Fuuma Clan revamped Empty
PostSubject: The Fuuma Clan revamped   The Fuuma Clan revamped EmptySat Jan 31, 2015 10:43 am

The Fuuma Clan


Fuuma Sword
Special tai boosting item for the clan.

Casualty Puppet
This can be turned on and off. When turned on, the user has a chance of absorbing the person he killed. Only 2 players can be absorbed at the same time.

Casualty Puppet Boost
The user gains half of the power the absorbed person had for some period of time. After the boost deactivates, the absorbed players count goes back to 0

Curse Mandala Stun
Pieces of a small pyramid fly towards the target from each main direction. If the pieces land on the target, the target is stunned.

Curse Mandala Explosion
Only accessible after the target has been hit by Curse Mandala Stun. The pyramid causing the stun explodes dealing Nin based AoE damage.

Antlion Ninja Arts: Ephemeral
User gains a big boost to all stats but loses a lot of chakra. The boost lasts for some period of time and after de-activation their health greatly decreases.
While the boost is on, the user can teleport and fly.

Energy Blast
Only accessible after using Antlion Ninja Arts: Ephemeral. User shoots multiple 1 tile projectiles the way he/she is facing. Deals Nin damage.

Fire Release: Mist Blaze Dance Technique
The user creates a huge ball of gas in front of him (kinda like in mastered Goukakyuu no jutsu, except bigger.)

Sets the huge ball of gas into fire, dealing Nin damage.

Earth Release: Antlion Technique
3x3 AoE dealing Nin damage

Fuuma Chakra Threads
User places chakra threads to link the target with the user. Any damage done to the user will link to the target and vice versa. If the user dies while the chakra threads are on, the target dies as well.

*Edit : Only works if the user is higher leveled.

Cut Threads
Removes the linked chakra threads. Can only be used while wearing the Fuuma Sword.[/u]

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The Fuuma Clan revamped
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